it beats the hell out of doing laundry

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

twinkle twinkle smack my booty

sung to the tune of "twinkle twinkle little star," obviously. yes, my speech delayed 2 year old has come far under the tutelage of his rump-obsessed 5 year old brother. at this point i'm just happy that he's saying anything, so i guess i can put up with inane butt references for a little while longer. did you know that you can find a way to stick "booty" in pretty much any sentence, phrase, lyric? ummm yeah. i'm curious to see where this obsession is going. heh.

i know you want to know the rest of the song, but it's really nothing more than two lines. sing it with me now!

twinkle twinkle smack my booty
smack smack smack smack smack smack smack [while bending over and smacking your booty]

you think i could make this shit up??

Thursday, June 22, 2006

how do you do it???

no, really, how do you bloggers do it?? i swear i have to be the worst fucking blogger EVER. i mean, you guys are so great with the daily posts and flickr uploads and commenting and good content! i, on the other hand, am so backed up with stuff i should write about and birthday photos i should post and blogs i should check and RnR shit to get ready and 60 bugs stuff i want to do and....GAH. my ADD...okay, you know what? i think it's time i admit this is full-fledged ADHD. it has gotten so bad that my mind is racing with all the things i need/want to do, but i can't sit still long enough to do them. when i do stop to do something, it lasts about 2 seconds because i get distracted thinking about the other stuff i should be doing. add to that the two hooligans running circles around me and fighting and, well, basically i am in hell. i think that after RnR (this sunday), things should get better, but i don't know. SIGH. sorry for the bitchfest. i'm a little under the weather, too, so that isn't helping....but as i was saying, my ADD/ADHD is starting to feel crippling. perhaps it's time for some drugs. hrm.

oh, and if you're reading this drivel, thanks for checking in even though my blog sucks ass! seriously, shouldn't you be reading dooce??

Monday, June 12, 2006


whee! i am very excited for this coming weekend, because not only is it father's day and dave's fourth 35th birthday celebration, but i've talked my awesome pals SupaMB and Mamac-ta into roadtripping with me to the totally amazing Renegade Craft Fair! dudes, this is going to be SO great. there will be a ton of cool, innovative and talented crafters and artists in one big open space! i'm actually freaking out a little, because i'm going to get to meet jenny hart (of sublime stitching fame), who was my inspiration for picking up embroidery again! i'll be a blubbering fangirl! heh. you know, i've never been to brooklyn. can't wait.

so yeah, i need this little getaway after last week. i can't even really write about last week, it was so mentally and physically exhausting... long story short, dave was out-of-town for 5-and-a-half days. i was alone with the boys. i was PMSing. HARD. it was pretty grueling, but i am proud to say that we made it with minimal bumps and bruises, physical or otherwise. i think that's all i could have asked for, really.

so brooklyn here we come! WHEE! i'm sure i'll have goofy photos eventually. any of you gonna be in brooklyn this weekend?

skateboard karate

skateboard karate
Originally uploaded by workforidlehands.
so i've been obsessed with making stencils to paint on shirts -- i suck at detailed stencils, so stick with obvious silhouetted images i can make from photos. anyway, i made these stencils of two of my favorite things: skateboarder and karate dude! these shirts are embroidered, which looks pretty cool, but i can't wait to paint some up in groovy colors.

is it just me, or does my generation have a bizarre fascination with skateboards? seriously, i'm still attracted to that "skater look" i found so irresistible 20 years ago. hrm. oh, and karate dudes will never not be cool in my book.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

2 legit 2 quit!

and shit! god, i'm immature. heh. so the awesome Go City Kids site has added Rock-n-Romp to their Entertainment section as a venue! pretty sweet! if your city has a GCK site you should totally sign up for the email list. you get weekly emails detailing all the kid-oriented happenings around town, which can really save a dull-looking weekend. no, i am not getting paid to promote them. heh. i really like how comprehensive their listings are, plus i'm just happy that i have found another way to promote RnR without actually having to do anything!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

in my perfect world

chubby, sausage-like upper arms would be HOT. especially on display when one's wearing a tank top or other sleeveless garment when it's sticky outside. and a little poochy mommy gut wouldn't detract from the way low rise bottoms look. oh no, not at all. in fact, a little foldover action when you're sitting would be quite attractive. oh, and that totally natural, make-up free look would be incredibly alluring. if you've got a few glaring zits and stray eyebrow hairs, even better! the zits and stray hairs wouldn't necessarily be attractive, but they wouldn't detract from your carefree look, either. they would be like freckles or a mole or something. natural things that you find occasionally on people's faces. nothing to be ashamed of or covered up with sunglasses or layers of concealer. oh and, most importantly, no one would have any hang-ups about the way they look in my perfect world. AND NO ONE WOULD HAVE PERIODS. oh okay, i guess just I wouldn't have a period. or hormonal shifts. OF ANY KIND.

SIGH. it's been a rough, premenstrual day, people.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

now playing

echo and the bunnymen - never stop

holy shit this song is fucking good. seriously. totally pretentious 80s new wave with cello and violins and an infectious beat and truly poetic lyrics. oh and can't forget totally yummy ian mcculloch. SIGH. it doesn't even bother me that the creepy singer from the goo goo dolls also loves this song and requested it for the VH1 classic video jukebox, which is why i am listening to it now. i must thank you, creepy goo goo dolls singer, for requesting this song. i can't believe i'd never seen the video before! dudes, it's no wonder i was madly in love with them 20 years ago. HOT.