it beats the hell out of doing laundry

Saturday, December 31, 2005

happy new year!

hope everyone has a safe, happy one. we are having our first family party at home (jack's idea), so we'll see who's actually still awake at midnight. heh.

i'm gonna take a little break from this blog thing, 'cause i'm finding i've got lots to do and not a lot to say, anyway. i'm also finding that i'm getting a little too OCD-crazy when it comes to the interweb, and i do not like it. i've got shit to do, people! things to make! kids to play with! romps to organize! an e-shop to set up! i am most pathetic at time-management, so this is for the best right now. i'll still pop in with some photos and to pimp the 60 bugs, of course, so you're not totally rid of me.

here's to 2006! cheers!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

curses! foiled again!

so in an attempt to limit the foul language that comes out of my mouth, i've been using hand gestures. well, one hand gesture, in particular. good idea, eh? i thought so, too, until yesterday.

jack: mommy, why do you do that thing sometimes?

me: what thing?

jack: that thing you do to daddy sometimes. you know, this: [he proceeds to flawlessly execute the one finger salute, the middle finger, the bird]

me: [LAUGHING MY ASS OFF for a good minute. words escape me. that tiny finger extended was just too perfect.]

i'm a bad mother, i know. at least i didn't ask him to do it again so i could take a picture, which is what i was really tempted to do. yes, even i have boundaries. very few, but still.

Monday, December 19, 2005


what a weekend! wow. i'm slightly hungover with tiredness, but it's a good kind of tired, you know? heh. i have yet to figure out the easy way to upload photos from the new camera, so i'm gonna cheat and show you the awesomely awesome supa mb's flickr photos from the 60 bugs open house saturday. look here. not only did supa take photos to document the occasion, but she also helped me set things up. she's a sweetheart. anyway, the open house was a success, i think. a handful of folks came through, and i sold quite a few things. it's always good to have friends with money. heh. and, as dave predicted, the "more cowbell!" onesie was a sensation. the only downside is i have a shitload of beer left over! oh wait. that's not really a downside, is it?

last night i held court at the Rock-n-Shop at the black cat. it's their annual "rock-n-roll garage sale," and as i've never been, i wasn't quite sure what to expect. the "garage sale" part shoulda tipped me off. as my friend tim noted, the room was "thick with irony." heh. there were racks of thrift store clothes being sold by cute, tattooed hipster chicks, lots of black chunky eyewear, lots of records, lots of junk. i did meet a cool woman that was set up next to me who designs handbags, which turned out to be good for me, because she was insanely busy! plus, i definitely didn't want to just be surrounded by cheap crap, you know? it would make my stuff look bad! heh. well, i had nothing to worry about. 60 bugs was an unqualified success. the hipsters ate it up, and there were surprisingly a lot of babies to buy for! yay for babies! i did have the brilliant brainstorm to stencil DC flag onesies, and they were only 10 bucks, so they sold pretty well. the hipsters sure do love showing their DC pride.

long story short: 60 bugs has become one of the best things i have done for myself in a really long fucking time -- like, really long. i am drunk on the exchanging of merchandise for cash, and the generous accolades from friends and strangers, alike. it feels good.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Melt With You pillowcases

more sweetness for someone's sweetheart.

what should i put on the end of that line? period? exclamation point? leave it open? i can't decide...

top 10 reasons i'm feeling like a scrooge

  1. we just sent out cards today, and not even all of them!
  2. i actually used mailing labels that were sent to me by some organization looking for donations. god, just thinking about it makes me feel gross.
  3. we used american flag stamps instead of holiday ones because i can't get my shit together enough to go to the post office.
  4. i ended up using a different photo for the cards than the one that i wanted because it was already on a CD, which made it easier to get printed. in my mind it was easier, anyway. oh, and dave had to go get the photos made.
  5. the lights that are supposed to go outside are still in the box on the porch.
  6. i'm really not even thinking about gifts, even though there are several i still need to get.
  7. i sent dave and jack to get the tree. they decorated it, too.
  8. hearing barbra streisand sing "my favorite things" creeps me the fuck out!
  9. even my beloved "a charlie brown christmas" cd isn't making me feel festive.
  10. all i can think about is getting my shit done for the rock-n-shop!


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

music genome project

dudes! this is fucking cool! and not just because dave works with folks who conduct human genome research!

thanks to my pal scott for this little nugget.

Monday, December 12, 2005

any man in black fans in the house?

yes, i been stitchin' up a storm! i definitely have a booth at the Rock-n-Shop coming up this weekend at the black cat, so i've got to get off my ass and finish up all the half-done stuff i've been working on!

i think the pillowcases would make a thoughtful gift for a sweetheart, eh?

Friday, December 09, 2005

behold...60 bugs!

behold...60 bugs!
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looky at the supercool logo supa designed for me!

it scares me a little

how much i like vh1 classic. but, in my defense, they consider the "early 90s" to qualify for vh1 classic status. early 90s! cripes.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

SOLD! for the low, low price of 14.99!

yes! my sister found TWO doodle monsters at the target where she lives! SCORE.

okay, here's the plan

snow 103
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i'm going to make weird, fakey smiling faces while you look anywhere but the camera. got it? good. yeah, these are gonna make GREAT christmas card pictures. heh. hey, do you think santa's watching??

Monday, December 05, 2005

this can't be good

i can't believe i have now become the parent who has to obsessively hunt down the popular toy for christmas to make her kid happy! UGH. i KNEW being sick last week was going to fuck things up! if i hadn't been sick, i would have started shopping already, and i wouldn't now be furiously searching for this damn thing! damned doodle monster! and the most damnable part is that jack asked for this thing for his birthday last month, but i put off getting it until christmas. SIGH. will i never learn??

Friday, December 02, 2005

like a zero drowning in a sea of higher numbers

i'm sick. since tuesday night. i feel quite horrible. fuck me.