it beats the hell out of doing laundry

Monday, October 31, 2005

now playing

they might be giants - she's an angel

we were listening to this song in the car and i noticed that jack was singing along. he knew every word. hearing your not-yet-5-year-old say nonchalant is quite awesome. heh.

in case you aren't a TMBG nerd like me:

I met someone at the dog show
She was holding my left arm
But everyone was acting normal so I tried to look nonchalant.
We both said, "I really love you,"
The Shriners loaned us cars
We raced up and down the sidewalk twenty thousand million times

Why did they send her over anyone else?
How should I react?
These things happen to other people
They don't happen at all, in fact

When you're following an angel
Does it mean you have to throw your body off a building?
Somewhere they're meeting on a pinhead
Calling you an angel, calling you the nicest things

I heard they had a space program
When they sing you can't hear, there's no air
Sometimes I think I kind of like that and
Other times I think I'm already there

Gonna ask for my admission
Gonna speak to the man in charge
The secretary says he's on another line,
Can I hold for a long, long time?
I found out she's an angel
I don't think she knows I know
I'm worried that something might happen to me
If anyone ever finds out

Why, why did they send her over anyone else?
How should I react?
These things happen to other people
They don't happen at all

When you're following an angel
Does it mean you have to throw your body off a building?
Somewhere they're meeting on a pinhead
Calling you an angel, calling you the nicest things

I heard they had a space program
When they sing you can't hear, there's no air
Sometimes I think I kind of like that and
Other times I think I'm already there

When you're following an angel
Does it mean you have to throw your body off a building?
Somewhere they're meeting on a pinhead
Calling you an angel, calling you the nicest things

Sunday, October 30, 2005

reason #1 why daylight savings KICKS ASS

children in bed ridiculously early!

[in my best napoleon dynamite voice] YESSSSS.

carmen and i meet caesar and cleopatra

this picture is too funny. click it to see the rest of the vegas photos.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

vegas ho!

circus circus
Originally uploaded by workforidlehands.
clicky on the photo and see some more vegas shots. there's even more, as i've just found another roll i forgot to take in to be developed! i miss my digital!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

fear and loathing...

there is much to say about this weekend's excursion to vegas, but i'm still a little out-of-sorts with the getting home late and the time change etc. obviously, i am home safe and sound. a few thoughts till i'm back in the swing of things:

  1. i'm a little unnerved by how much having to use a standard 35mm camera instead of a digital SUCKED. no display to see if everyone's eyes are open? no instant gratification?? BAH.
  2. 2 days in vegas is pretty damn perfect. any longer than that would depress the hell out of me.
  3. my friends carmen and greg are pretty damn awesome. it turns out that greg and i share a brain. YIKES.
  4. the wedding was beautiful and sweet and emotional. oh, and short. the best kind.
  5. i can stay up for more than 24 hours! for me, that is pretty astounding. even when we were chilling out in the hotel room i couldn't nap -- it's like my brain wouldn't turn off.
  6. no matter how many times you see it, the lit-up boulevard at night is very cool.

okay, next post will be more interesting AND have photos! whee! cross your fingers they come out okay.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

how jack adds sunshine to an otherwise dreary day

by singing edge of seventeen (yes, the stevie nicks song) when he doesn't know i can hear him. the "ooh baby ooh say ooh" is - obviously - the best part. heh.

my jaw is still on the floor after seeing this blog. unbelievable.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

so i'm dyeing my hair

hoping that new color will draw attention away from the fact that i have no discernible hairstyle (shaggy mop??) and cannot afford to go to one of my fancy-shmancy hairstylists to get a new do before hitting vegas. what am i going to do with this mop that will look semi-decent when coupled with the supercute lacy betsey johnson number i'm wearing to the wedding?? maybe i can steal a showgirl's feathered and sequined headdress-thingie.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


things that are sucking right now:

  1. the digital camera has decided to die days before i leave for vegas, a trip sure to be chock full o' photo opportunities.
  2. not really being able to afford a new digital camera at this time.
  3. jack informed me last night of a new "game" that he and his friends (2 other boys) have been playing at school. they kiss each other. on the lips. and the ears. jack is not the kissy-kissy type, so i know this was not his idea, not that it really matters whose idea it was. this sucks because i'm feeling rather conflicted as to what to do. they're just 4 years old, you know? the thing that is bothering me the most, and i can't believe i'm even going to admit this, but dammit i can't help my gut feeling, is that he's kissing other boys. there. i said it. now i am no homophobe, and if jack is gay, it will not affect our relationship AT ALL, but i cetainly don't think this is about homosexual tendencies. the thing that concerns me is why this one boy has started this "game." could something be happening in his life where he is kissing other boys? being forced to kiss other boys? look, this is my hyperactive, OCD-addled brain going into overdrive, and i know it probably sounds ridiculous, but it can't be helped. call me a jerk, but i do not want jack playing this game. i am going to be the overprotective, overreacting mother and put a stop to it. if i don't, i won't be able to stop thinking about it! i will tell jack that kissing other people on the lips is sure to spread germs, and you don't want to get each other sick. i will tell him that he is too young to kiss other kids, and make no mention of the sex of the kids. fuck, this is sucking harder the more i write about it. maybe i won't do anything. they're just 4 years old, right?

Monday, October 17, 2005

it's like crack, i tell ya!

who has time to blog when there is craftster to peruse!?

i have found my people, people. not that you aren't my people! um, yeah. pardon my craft-geekiness, please.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

do mine eyes deceive me?

or can it really be true?? are these really the boots i have been searching for my whole adult life???

holy shit, that's a lot of money for a broke person to spend on shoes, but i think i just might have to figure out a way.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

recipe for disaster

1 cranky, zit-faced, premenstrual mama

1 whiny, nap-refusing toddler with a grotesque smoker's cough

1 shitty, dreary, overcast day

mix thoroughly and try not to kill yourself!

i am losing my shit over here, folks. for real.

Friday, October 07, 2005

4 years ago today

viva las vegas

dave and i stood in front of our family, friends, a travel channel camera crew, a couple of hula dancers and, most importantly, Elvis, to declare our love to each other. such is love and marriage, vegas-style. it was really quite incredible, but i won't bore you with the details. all i will say is that if you have an appreciation for blue hawaii, Elvis tunes and vegas kitsch, you would've loved it.

somehow 4 years feels like 40 now that we have kids, but i wouldn't change a thing. okay, maybe i would've tried to get married before jack was born, though it was pretty awesome to have our own mini hawaiian shirted ringbearer in the family. heh.

happy anniversary, dave. i don't say it often enough, but you really are the best. i love you.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

now playing

kathy cashel - the king of the geeks

click the link above to hear some snippets performed by my insanely talented friend. you really oughtta buy a cd while you're at it.


i'm brainstorming business names and son of a stitch is taken! grrr...

i'm having a hell of a time coming up with something good, peoples. help me out? a handstitched goodie will be your reward! i want it to be sassy, not too cute, fun, memorable, quirky is good, but not too offensive. thoughts?

i was thinking of just using work for idle hands, but thought i might want to avoid the slacker connotation. ugh. my brain is tired.

you know you're obsessed when

you decide that you'd rather use the short time you have while your baby naps to design patterns and embroider than take a shower.

um, it's been three days, people. i feel like i have a newborn! heh. it's not like i smell or anything, though my hair is a pretty frightening rat's nest. okay, okay, i'm going to take a shower. right after i finish this skull shirt....

oh! and check out supafine's delicious boy owen modeling a couple of my practice bibs. i seriously want to nibble on his face. heh.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

what to do, what to do

with the easiest 100 bucks i've ever made in my life?? no, sex acts were not involved. yesterday i participated in a mom's focus group in downtown silver spring on a possible TV or video series being developed based on children's health and nutrition. basically we sat around, snacked, talked about our kids and their likes/dislikes and critiqued the potential storyline. easiest.100.bucks.EVER. shit, why did i not know about this whole focus group thing? moms! even if our kids don't listen to us, our opinions are worth money! heh. pretty awesome. best of all, i now have my own seed money to get my craft on! sure, i could use "our" money, but it's not the same as having money that's my own, you know? yes, this is a good way to kick things off.

be on the lookout for a ton o' superhot bibs, onesies, t-shirts and hoodies all lovingly decorated by yours truly. now if i could just get nate to nap more so i had more time to get stitchin'!

Monday, October 03, 2005

okay, that was pretty funny

jack, telling my parents about the halloween romp coming up:

yeah, it's $5 to get in and $2 to get out.

is that a budding entrepreneur or what?

Sunday, October 02, 2005

1% inspiration, 99% perspiration

whee! i am a crafty bastard! i was tuned into this craft fair by a friend who used to work for the WCP and, boy, am i glad. unbelievable. the creativity, the craftiness, the talent, the coolness of the stuff there just blew me away. my dormant inner crafty bastard has been jumpstarted! i am totally inspired to get my shit together and make things! sorry for the !!! but i am excited! i feel like i have finally realized what i want to do that will make me feel like i am doing something purposeful. not that raising two decent, upstanding boys isn't purposeful, but something that really gets my juices flowing, you know? creative juices, that is. wow, i haven't felt this inspired in a really long fucking time. i must plan! strategize! figure shit out! what i know so far:
  1. need to come up with business name
  2. need to beg one of my supertalented web designer-type friends to help me build a supercool site
  3. need to scope out local craft fairs and other possible marketplaces
  4. need to start making things!

yeah, this is good. and perfect timing, too. hopefully i can have stuff for christmas time. you will buy something, won't you? heh.